Nitrous Oxide

Sedation Dentistry 

You will drive yourself to your Dental Appointment as you would with any other dental visit. When you arrive at the dental office, you will be awake and normal. Most patients arrived relaxed, knowing that they will be sedated by Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen sedation during their dental visit. 

At your appointment time, you will be escorted to the dental treatment area and seated in the dental chair. When you are comfortable a Mask will be placed over your nose and you will be given pure oxygen. 

The Nitrous Oxygen mixture will be adjusted to a level that is comfortable for you. The mixture will be adjusted throughout your appointment to meet your needs.

When your treatment is completed the Nitrous Oxide will be turned off and you will be given pure Oxygen until you feel completely normal. When the effects of the Nitrous Oxide have worn off completely, you will feel fully awake and alert. You will feel comfortable and relaxed and will probably remember very little about your wonderful dental experience. You will be able to drive yourself home or do anything else you would do during a normal day .